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love, loss and the enormity of it all

In five years, I experienced many losses - a divorce, the death of my parents, in-laws and two uncles, the death of two dogs who were my anchors, a son’s battle with mental health issues and a break-up with my fiancé. Through these trials, I wrote the poems within “love, loss and the enormity of it all.”


Join me in the woods, under the moon, flying into the stars in a Jeep as I navigate death with grace.


My poems reach out to young and old generations,  relaying that you are not alone, even during those times when one is brought to one’s knees, feeling so very alone.  


"let’s make tea, boil water, steep leaves cradle warmth from mug, sit close, with gentleness and compassion to heal our grieving hearts together."

Book no.1
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